Thursday, November 19, 2015

Fall Update Details

There is much to know about the Win 10 "Fall Update" and this article from Windows Secrets by Tracey Capen is important reading:

The much-anticipated fall update for Windows l0 has arrived. If you're looking for significant changes, you're going to be disappointed.
Version 1511 is an important update, but many of the enhancements are either buried in the Settings menus or under the hood.

The latest Win10, aka Fall Update, is far from a routine patch. According to Microsoft, it's about a 3GB download, and on my test system it took around three hours for the full installation. And though it was officially released on Nov. 12, it could take days before it shows up on individual machines. On my test system, the update arrived sometime over the weekend; on my personal system, I received a notification but no actual update — yet.

Aside from Microsoft throttling the release of the update, there are other reasons you might not see Version 1511, according to a MS FAQ.

See the whole article here:  Windows 10 gets its first big update


Friday, November 13, 2015

Win 10 Fall Update is here

The expected fall update of Windows 10 is here and had some new features and some fixes.

Here is a link to an article at
 Fall Update Info

Win 10 Backu/Recovery Details

The following is from an October 2015 article in the Windows Secrets newsletter:

"Win10 blends the best parts of Win7’s and Win8’s backup/restore tools to create a new hybrid that could well be the best archive-and-recover system ever.

When set up properly, Win10 gives you redundant, automatic, local, and remote backups of user files, making them effectively loss-proof.

Plus, there are three built-in ways to restore damaged system files — or to totally rebuild your system. They make it easy to clear up even the worst types of software trouble and malware infections.

Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn’t provide a simple, comprehensive explanation of how Win10’s backup components are supposed to work together. That’ll leave many former Vista and Win7 users needlessly baffled — and also leave those who’ve upgraded from Win8 wondering why some favorite backup features are now missing."

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